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Hello from Rosanne Olson. I am a Seattle-based photographer and artist. I have worked in commercial and fine art photography for many years. My first job as a photographer, after graduate school at the University of Oregon, was at The Register-Guard in Eugene, Ore. I was fortunate to work with Brian Lanker who has been an inspiration and mentor to me. In the newspaper photography business I got wonderful training, photographed all kinds of people from death-row inmates to world-famous musicians and Carmelite nuns. I also created still life images for the food and arts sections of paper with assignments ranging from how to cook liver to ballet! Every day was a new challenge . . . and I loved it!

In 1986 my husband and I moved to Seattle where I have done commercial photography, fine art and portraiture.
these days I am mostly involved in portraiture because I like the intimacy and one-on-one relationship that it requires. I believe that everyone has a beautiful photograph within. My job as a photographer is to help discover that. Before I click the shutter, I work with people to understand who they are. I then work to create a portrait that reflects that knowing. It is a supreme collaboration.

The “knowing” I refer to in my blog stretches beyond photography. I will be talking about things I know and love over my many years as a photographer, artist and teacher. They will include photography tips, teaching, travel and reviews of some the things that move me, such as a good movie or a good book. I hope you will join me on this adventure!

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  1. I simply love your work, and particularly your book! I truly appreciate your philosophy of real women and there bodies. I could not agree more about conveying a healthy respect for a woman and her figure as the subject of artistic portraiture.

    Best wishes,

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