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Rapture I

What inspires me? So many things! That is why this page is here. I love art, photography, poetry, music, cooking, travel, interesting friends. I co-founded a women’s art group in Seattle called Art Chix which has been meeting for about 15 years. Eight of us meet every month for dinner and art. We each bring a piece we have created based on a theme. For example, the word “blue.” Between meetings we percolate until we arrive at a meaningful way to interpret “blue.” The work can be in the artist’s medium or not. It can be painting, song, video, collage, photography. Even quilting. It has been one of the most productive groups I have ever been in. I am now working on a new fine art series as a result of our last assignment, “submerged.”

I also play harmonica and guitar. I write songs, write poems and in general live a life informed by the creative process. I surround myself with creative people, including my husband Ted who writes beautifully, plays the drums and has just taken up the mysteries of welding.

I would love to share some of my inspirations with you and have you share your own inspirations with me!

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  1. Laura Zeck says:

    love this – want to see more!!!

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