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I started teaching in the early 1980s when I filled in to teach a quarter-long photojournalism class at the University of Oregon while working as a newspaper photographer. I became most interested lighting after a 1984 workshop in California taught by Gregory Heisler, a brilliant master of light. Prior to that it was mostly guesswork. Over the years I have taught many lighting workshops and portraiture workshops.

I teach at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle and have taught at the Santa Fe Workshops. I give workshops at universities, talks to high school photography classes and have taught a five-part series of classes called Lighting from A to Z through the virtual class room of Creative Live . It was a new way of teaching for me and I was thrilled to have students from around the world––from Seattle to New Zealand to Norway.

How I teach: my approach to teaching is experiential. Because photographers are visual people, it makes sense to experience the process in order to internalize it. Because I have a background in science, I actually like the technical stuff––and usually offer enough to create an understanding but not enough to put my students to sleep.

In 2014 I authored a book called ABCs of Beautiful Light which serves as a textbook and lighting course for people interested in lighting. In 2016 I authored The Art of the Portrait. Both are from Amherst Media and both are on Amazon.

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  1. Amanda Reese says:

    Hello Rosanne,

    I recently came to your studio with David Johnson’s UW Certificate Class and wanted more information on your lighting courses you were talking about. I’m really interested in learning as much as I can about lighting, I loved our mini session and got so much out of it.

    Thank You,
    Amanda Reese

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