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Photography has been a part of my life since I can remember. My dad was never without his movie camera, documenting family gatherings and vacations as well as some moments we would rather forget. I was a teen when I got my first camera. But my true love was art. I carried a sketch pad everywhere I went.  I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20s, when I took a photography class at an art center in Eugene, Ore., that I discovered photography itself could be an art form. From that first class, my life was forever changed. I was consumed by the magic of the darkroom. I fell in love with the connection to the world that came through the lens of the camera: landscapes, people, my interior view of life. I was in awe at how the normal things of life could be lifted to a higher meaning by beautiful light and judicious framing. And by connection.

And even now, decades later, I am still smitten by the power of photography. The camera has become my conduit for connection,  a direct link from heart to the subject. For me, photography is about heart and about art. Inspiration and communication. Have you seen my book? It’s called This is Who I Am–our beauty in all shapes and sizes (Artisan Books 2008). It’s about women, body image and compassion. The images are accompanied by essays. And the essays are made more effective because the reader can connect with the photographs and perhaps see themselves in some way. That is the power of photography.

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  1. Tonya says:

    Came across your work in a book & looked you up, you have some beautiful work.

  2. Hi Tonya,
    Thanks for your comments. Would you like to be on our mailing list? Please email me at rosanne@rosanneolson.com

  3. lisa brown says:

    Hi Roseanne,
    I met you at a Renfrew Conference in Philly one year. I work with women (teen and adult) who struggle with eating disorders. I use your book in my work and a colleague of mine also has this book. It’s nice to see on people’s shelves and to share it with others. Keep doing interesting things like this.

  4. Roseanne,

    This is not necessarily relevant to this particular blog post but I wanted to sing your praises anyway.

    I found an article you wrote for the Seattle Times while searching for information on pinhole photography. It’s my most recent passion (although my current tool of choice is a pierced body cap on my digital camera). Your writing is exquisite, like the kind I chance upon only a handful of times in my life. You make the beautiful world of photography come alive like few others can and your images, especially the pinholes, are quite striking.

    Thank you for inspiring me and brightening my day.


  5. OMG, I can’t believe I missed your email to me. Thanks for your kind comments. Rosanne

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