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top: The Beast. bottom: the flames

top: The Beast. bottom: the flames

Last evening my husband and I joined a host of other people at the home of Kate Thompson and Mary Bruno for an incredible event about letting go. Kate has been lugging around a suitcase for three decades, a suitcase filled with her mother’s poems and prose and rejection slips, which she explains in her blog post.

Finally Kate decided that it was time to have a ceremony about letting go. It’s a question all of us who create stuff (art, sculpture, poems, songs) have to consider, eventually.

The very talented Kate created a large beast that looked somewhat like an alpaca (a beast of burden), feathered with triangles of cut up poems and stories from her mother’s suitcase. Everyone who came to the event was invited add their own symbolic burdens to the creature which was then hauled ceremoniously from the backyard down the the beach below.

Surrounded by friends, Kate lit a match. The Beast of Unburden went up in dramatic flames, ashes floating off into the clouds, to some creative afterlife, undoubtedly freeing up space for more creative works to come.


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