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Rosanne Olson.







Lately I have been reflecting on the incredible variety in who we are and how we present ourselves. If you know of someone (male, female, young, old) who has an inspiring story (including you, dear reader), please let me know!

Victoria is a young woman I know and adore. She is a lovely 24-year-old who exudes good cheer and that “I want what she’s having” quality. What makes her so? She is not our media’s norm for beauty. On any given day she might have pink hair. Or blond. She wears tight clothes with stockings that cultivate runs. But Victoria, through her being and connection to life, is beautiful.

Her approach to clothing is an example of what’s happening now in the world of women and fashion, especially for younger women. Getting beyond the stick-thin model as a paradigm of beauty, some women are throwing off baggy clothes to reveal their hearts and bodies. And while one may make the argument for aspiring to be svelte for reasons of health, the point is to celebrate what we have right now. And Victoria does that with panache.

When Victoria showed up at our annual holiday party, she wore a green velvet sleeveless dress, stockings with seams, incredible heels. Thank you, Victoria, for your inspiration!

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