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ABC_cover_smDo you ever wonder why you are drawn to certain images? It’s because every painting, photograph or movie uses light to tell a story. And some stories are more beautifully told than others. Is the light source hard or soft? Is the source positioned high or low? (Light positioned at a low level creates upward shadows that make for scary images.) How is color used?  Next time you look at a photograph or painting, try to figure out what it is that compels you to want to look at it again.

After teaching lighting to photographers for more than 20 years, I was asked to create a lighting book. ABCs of Beautiful Light (Amherst Media) is my first textbook. In it, I teach photographers and artists how to be “light detectives”.  For example, one can examine catch lights, which are highlights on shiny surfaces, such as eyes. They tell the story of what type of source was used (window, umbrella, soft box, for example). Another clue is where the shadows fall and how hard or soft-edged they are. I also talk about the art of using fill (a card to bounce light into the shadows) to subtly control the drama of the image.

My students tell me that they will never be the same after taking this lighting class. They become newly aware of light everywhere and how it can be used to tell a story or convey a feeling.

f you are interested (or have friend or family member who might be) I would love to provide an autographed copy of my book. Just email me directly at Rosanne@rosanneolson.com or send me a Facebook message. Or you can find the book on Amazon.

Are you interested in learning more about light? Let me know and I will keep you posted.

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