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In association with Fotofest in Houston there was a city-wide exhibit of the work of 48 Arab artists. One of my favorite pieces was not actually a photograph but a sort of rough cartoon video. The artist, Sadik Alfraji, created this amazing piece, called The House That My Father Built. Part of it consisted of a tall black bent-over character with an eye that was observing everything. There is a coat hung on the wall (actually a real coat) and two photographs on the wall (actually two photographs). What takes place around these three stationary objects is a very moving story about life, death and everything in-between. The video was presented in a dark room with tall ceilings. Everyone who came to watch it was spellbound. I watched it three times and wept. I feel so lucky to have found it on Vimeo. Please take a look. Sit down and allow the imagery and music to work their magic. Just click on the picture.

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