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What do you remember of your childhood summers? I remember orange pushups, the frozen sherbet in cardboard tubes. I can still hear the ecstatic noise of kids playing at the park pool, bombing off the high-dive and splashing all the girls in bikinis. I had a favorite sundress that my mom made for me. It had giraffes printed on it and it tied in bows at the shoulders. Other: The sweet smell of rain as thunderheads moved across the plains. The parades we would put on with wagons decorated like floats and girls dressed up in glittery gowns. I was the one twirling the baton.

I recently did a photo shoot for Avanti, a card company in New York. I worked with a gaggle of adorable four-year-olds on a sultry summer evening. They brought back moments that I relish being reminded of.  Thanks, kids, for the memories!

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  1. Gail says:

    Nice memories, Rosanne. In California this weekend, I remembered summer evenings listening to crickets and frogs chirping in the dark. Also, lying on the grass in our backyard learning the constellations, and finding satellites as they made their way across the night sky.

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