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Michael Warren is a photographer based in Boston who happened to be in Seattle for a job a few weeks ago. He put a note out to ASMP (the professional photographers’ community) asking for ideas for his “Somebodies” project. The Somebodies project is a wonderful series of portraits of people accompanied by a still life of something meaningful to them. I had an idea or two so I emailed some names. And then, in the course of our communications, I offered myself as a subject. I thought it sounded like fun!

I arrived at the rented Pioneer Square studio on a Sunday morning accompanied by my special thing: a box of blackbirds. These birds have been in many of my photographs. They have been part of an exhibit called “Four and 20 Blackbirds.” They have even been to Europe with me. I spent a couple of hours standing on a white backdrop, often jumping in the air (like a bird), as the strobes flashed. I was grateful for my years at the gym as I leaped over and over again. It’s an odd thing to be in front of the camera after so many years behind it.

When we were finished I asked Michael if I could make a couple of photographs of him with my camera using the lights that were already in place. Check out his Somebodies project. It’s terrific!


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