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singing lessons

I started out by asking Tiger Zane to give me guitar lessons. Tiger is a talented singer-songwriter in the Seattle area who recently recorded anĀ  album in Nashville. I like to write songs so I thought that Tiger would be a perfect match for becoming more proficient on my guitar. But then, at my first lesson a few weeks ago, I discovered that Tiger is not so much a guitar teacher as a vocal teacher! So I have accidentally become immersed in learning how to sing! Now my history with singing is a tortured path. Let’s just say that I have basically kept my mouth shut for most of my life. Longing to sing, maybe, but feeling that I could never carry a tune or project my voice past a “feather” voice. So now I have just discovered that I have a diaphragm (duh!) that big muscle that separates your lungs from the organs in your abdomen. And I am learning to make that diaphragm stronger so I can sing out loud! This is a very difficult process. It’s like learning to use a muscle after having a stroke. It’s like learning to see after a life of not seeing. If you see me walking down the street with my headphones on, I’ll be making weird sounds like zzzzzzzzztt. It’s been amazing. Sometimes it makes me cry. Not out of frustration (okay, yes, out of frustration) but also out of digging deep into the coal mine of emotions associated with singing or NOT singing my whole life long. It’s all wonderful and amazing, like learning to fly!

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