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It has been snowing for a couple of days in Seattle, a not-very-common occurrence. When that happens, the city shuts down. I grew up in North Dakota so I have met winter. My last winter there, years ago, we had three weeks of eighty-below-zero wind chill. But snow? There’s lots of it but It doesn’t get in the way of everyday living. Seattle’s a different story. The hills become bobsled runs. The freeway on-ramps become skating rinks. Buses get stuck on slick streets, schools close. And my back yard roses are frosted with snow.

So what’s a girl to do? After a bit of shoveling, I put on my cross country skis and slid down to Green Lake, my favorite walking path. Seems that everyone was out with their snow-covered dogs or kids on sleds. I saw some boys building a snowman atop the lifeguard stand–someone to watch over the snow-covered floating docks. Today is day two of the snow. It’s still pretty quiet around town. I think by now everyone is wishing for the soothing sound of rain.

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