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It’s hard to believe that it has been three years since my book was published. So much excitement, the best of which was ABC’s Good Morning America. I’ll never forget the five women selected from the book huddled with me around the television in a hotel room as we watched the airing of the segment. It was a moment of perfection after years of work. The five women had come from various parts of the country for our moment in the spotlight. Even Emily, struggling with complications of her cystic fibrosis, checked out of her hospital room in Portland, Ore. to fly to New York. She was pale and weak but damn she looked good on television in her spiky heels and sexy dress.

Since then I have spoken about This is Who I Am to colleges, universities, eating disorders clinics, high school classes, parent-child groups and more. There have been radio interviews, television interviews, newspaper articles. It has been wonderful. It has given me the opportunity to talk about my mission: compassion for our bodies. And amazingly, even as the three-year mark is here, there is still a slow fire under the book. It keeps on reaching people. Hooray for that!

And so, this coming Saturday at 1:00 p.m. at Bellevue Square in Bellevue, Washington, the Eileen Fisher store has invited me to speak about the book. The mission of my book aligns well with that of Eileen Fisher so it is with much gratitude that I will go and speak. I hope the book’s message will inspire people to look in the mirror and say to themselves, “I love you, body. Thank you for all you have done for me.”

For me, the work continues as I focus my photography on helping all women feel beautiful. It is truly a joy!

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  1. I have asked them repeatedly to re-release the video. Please contact Craig Swanson at Creative Live directly. Craig@creativelive.com.
    Would you like to be on my mailing list for teaching? email me at rosanne@rosanneolson.com
    Best Wishes–RO

  2. Debbi says:

    Thank you Rosanne, I have sent them your reply. I would like to be on your mailing list also

  3. Mary Wanser says:


    I saw your book today for the first time on a shelf in a rather obscure conscious-living shop in Sarasota, Florida. My hands trembled slightly as I turned each page and beheld your sacred art. I could not purchase the book then; the moment was too filled with significance to interrupt it with mundane monetary exchange. Instead, I ran to the privacy of my Camry in the parking lot and wept.

    Through still watery eyes, I drove home filled with reverence of heart. Within five minutes of arriving, I opened my laptop and ordered a brand new copy of your book for myself. Over the next several days, as I await its delivery, I have much to contemplate–the abuse I and others have subjected my body to over the past forty-four years.

    You are a blessing to women world-wide. I thank you.

    Mary Wanser

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