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Here is a beautiful poem by my friend T. Clear that moved me deeply the first time I heardĀ  T. read it. In its poignant look at loss and grief, it continues to move me months later. Check out her blog at Premium T.

Last Rescued Bird by T. Clear

Enough. Take your feathers
dead or alive and flutter into oblivion.
I’m done with the fractured wing,
the punctured lung, severed spine.
I will not weigh your soul
and account for all its cherished works.
Though your nest lies ruptured,
and brokenĀ at my feet, all my remedies
are used up, finished, expired.
Mud no more, dear downy love.
Burn the twigs, the riff-raff rags.
Let the cats loose.
Fetch the axe.
I’m cutting down the tree.

(originally published by Crab Creek Review)

8 Responses to “a bird, a poem, a poet”

  1. T. says:

    Thank you, Rosanne!

    ( I LOVE the photograph/collage you posted above the poem.)

  2. Carolyn says:

    Ah, and the photo is fabulous, too. Thank you, Rosanna!

  3. D.Lisa says:

    This is beautiful, and so bittersweet. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That’s not an easy poem for me. It speaks more of abandonment than loss. Frustration not love. Yet in its vivid picture, I do sense how overwhelming it is to give all to save a life and not succeed. (But, for me, I want hope.)

  5. Barbara Mundall says:

    Hola darling, I did NOT know you had a blog–I’m a big blog hopper and have just added you to my “favorite blogsites” list; I LOVE the peaches photo from last august. & I love this assemblage/still life. I’m taking a travel sketchbook class with a bunch of other old ladies (Ken O’Connell who used to teach at Uof O is the instructor) and I love the making me look part of it. As O’Keeffe says: “to see is hard.” Thanks for the gift of your blog. Barbara

  6. Fred Housel says:

    Dear R,

    Love your blog! It is filled with a sweet wisdom and sensitivity, and luckily….no politics!

    We are surviving winter up here, no miracle hummingbird rescue this Christmas. WE do have two new greenhouses and I have planted a blood orange tree and blueberry bushes in addition to herbs and flowers. I often look at our “Asses in love” photo with great pleasure.


  7. Roseanne –
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful and poignant poem. As well as grief and loss I feel acceptance and resolution. E

  8. V says:

    Wow. Incredible. Thank you for sharing this, Rosanne.

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