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Yesterday Hazel came to the studio. She is celebrating her third birthday. Three is a great age––filled with a sense of wonder. After a session with her parents, we set off exploring the storage closets in the studio. There were wigs, masks, hats, colorful ribbons. Hazel was especially taken with a box of rose petals that I have been saving for reasons unknown. She had a great time tossing them in the air and then lying in her bed of roses. When I got off my perch to change lenses she began making an angel in the petals. This is one of the best lessons of photography: look away. When you look back there is often magic taking place.

So we sang “Happy Birthday” to Hazel again and again as she fanned her arms and legs in the petals. I appreciate the gifts of the three-year-old. The incredible sense of wonder that sweeps everyone in its path into a state of childlike curiosity. May that grace accompany us for our lifetime! Happy Birthday, Hazel!

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