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What is a portrait, anyway? Why come to me if you can get a portrait done at the mall for practically nothing? I have been doing quite a lot of portraits lately so I thought I would say a few words. My approach to portraiture is that it is more like therapy than photography. In fact, I call it “photo-therapy.” It sounds amusing, but really––I feel that a portrait is about creating space for that subtle self to come forth. My process involves conversation prior to the session. I like for photographer and subject to become comfortable and trusting in order for that ineffable energy to flow. So when we go into the studio, I can then work to capture the complex personality of person sitting before me. I am an interpreter.  It involves lighting, yes. It involves discovery (what do you do with your hands, what makes your eyes twinkle, what do you look like when you smile naturally as if unobserved, what are your best angles?). This is a fine collaboration between photographer and subject. And when we are finished, we have a portrait that you will reflect the “you” that is really you.

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