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Happy Birthday Baby!

Yesterday Hazel came to the studio. She is celebrating her third birthday. Three is a great age––filled with a sense of wonder. After a session with her parents, we set off exploring the storage closets in the studio. There were wigs, masks, hats, colorful ribbons. Hazel was especially taken with a box of rose petals […]

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thoughts about portraiture

What is a portrait, anyway? Why come to me if you can get a portrait done at the mall for practically nothing? I have been doing quite a lot of portraits lately so I thought I would say a few words. My approach to portraiture is that it is more like therapy than photography. In […]

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upcoming workshops

I will be teaching a Lighting from A to Z MasterClass at WPPI next February in Las Vegas. This is a terrific conference which I attended for the first time this past March. They will have a whole series of business and technique classes for wedding and portrait photographers. The expo there consists of TWO […]

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