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music notes

Circa age 10.  I flunked choir. Meaning that I tried out for choir in grade school and did not get in. I still remember how embarrassed I felt, and how sad. I loved to sing! But when I failed to get into the choir, I shut down my voice for a long, long time. Fast […]

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farewell to a friend

  My dear friend Mary Gales died in Seattle on January 23. It was an unexpected and untimely death. For thirteen years she was my body worker, fellow artist, musician and friend. I have photographed Mary a number of times over the years and we had plans to do another photo session soon. She was […]

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singing lessons

I started out by asking Tiger Zane to give me guitar lessons. Tiger is a talented singer-songwriter in the Seattle area who recently recorded an  album in Nashville. I like to write songs so I thought that Tiger would be a perfect match for becoming more proficient on my guitar. But then, at my first […]

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sailing along

A year or so ago my husband Ted and I attended a charity auction for Gage Academy. By the time the evening was over (wine was served), my husband had bid on (and won) a trip aboard a freighter ship. “You bought WHAT?” I asked, incredulous.  click here to see the YouTube video A year […]

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